Viola looked down at the empty spot where Europa would have been laying. Someone had taken her. She shifted her gaze down to the business card in her hands.
It was a black card with simplistic white writing.

"Wolfe. Fitting for a guy who barges in and makes you play his game. "

She sat down, looking at the collar more. If it was looser, she could grow plants under it, and then keep it from shocking her, but it was skin tight. She looked at the phone number on the back of the card.

She set it on the nightstand, and changed into cuter clothes. She had to look nice if she wanted to be able to use her power on guys, or on girls. It was a good way to keep her urges in check, if she killed every once in a while. She made a mental note to find out more about her urges once this is all over.

She took out her phone, waited for it to boot up, then threw the charger in her bag. She also threw a couple snacks in, just in case, a change of clothes, and pepper spray. Once she was ready, she called the number.The phone rang two times before a voice on the other end spoke.

"Ah. Good! I see you've made your decision. Now do hurry downstairs, I'm waiting in the SUV out front. And with good pace, if you will, my parking meter is about to expire."

She got into the car, and she was greeted by Mr. Wolfe and Europa, who was handcuffed to the opposite door. She smiled as soon as she saw Viola. Viola returned the comforting smile. Mr. Wolfe beckoned her inside.

"Truly, I am sorry, but I will have to blindfold the two of you. My boss works with utmost secrecy, so two random girls knowing where our hideout lies would be a breach in security."

He blindfolded Europa first, and Viola watched as he turned and slid one onto her face, then tightened it. She also heard a click, which she assumed was her being handcuffed to the door. When she tried to move her hands, she found out she was right.

He returned to the drivers seat, and started the car.

"Be patient. It is only a short drive."

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