Add Two

Wolfe walked through the doors to Antonio's office. "Sir, I brought you the girl Viola 'Medusa' Odol . We had to bring the other as insurance to be positive she would comply. I hope you understand."

Antonio hung up his phone as he looked at his watch then up at Wolfe.

Antonio: Good......we seem to be on schedule for the most part.

Antonio then walked out with Wolfe to see the girls. They were down to three hours before the mission began and he checked his phone as he messed with a few apps on it to figure out a few details on it. Then they made their way to see the girls. Antonio looked at them both with a serious gaze. Then he smirked.

Antonio: Ms. Odol....Ms. may call me Antonio. I do apologize for the rude manner of our meeting but I am in need of your services. In exchange for your aid in a small matter I will return your freedom along with a briefcase containing one million dollars. As you can see Ms. associate has narrowed down your choices so it would be best to simply assist me since that collar could easily end your friendship with Ms. Ganymede. Oh an if you tamper with keep in mind it does have a hair trigger. However all you have to do is help he recover some associates. That is it. We leave in three hours so enjoy your time here as we wait. When you are ready simply tell the guard to contact me.

Then Antonio left the room to check on Michael.


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