At Least

"At least tell us who the target is." Europa said, "You already have us right where you want us so what would it hurt. If the target is high value enough people with know they got out sooner or later and the name will be all over the news. Us knowing now is no different then later." she said holding Viola. That was until Wolfe separated the two, "Enough of that." he said. "You don't get to ask the questions here. We didn't even want to bring you. You were not a priority. How ever we because other wise with your little birdy missing you would start trouble. Heat breathing down our neck. I know you two saw my SUV if only one went missing it would look bad." Wolfe explained keeping the two apart. "You will not be in the same holding areas. Locigal reasons really. Do that math." he said before escorting Europa off to a holding cell. All of this was in hopes of lighting a fire in Viola to want to get his over with.

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