Hook, Line and Sinker

Viola's ears popped as the thermite ignited, blowing open the door. Inside sat a grizzled man. He looked up, barely even flinching. Viola entered the cell, making sure to be cautious. His face turned to a smirk. It was working, she was drawing him in.

"Are you Mr. Hook?" She asked, trying not to seem too preemptive. He sighed, then chuckled a little.
"What's it to you dear? Trying to cash a bounty or the like? If so, it's not worth it." He grinned.

She shook her head. "Actually, I'm here to get you out. Crime bosses don't belong in a cage. Come now, let's get you back on the streets." She reached out for his hand. He stood up, and stepped forwards to meet it. She smiled as soon as she made contact.

He blinked slowly. Her powers had put him on the verge of a coma, so that he was a walking shell. Walking him back out, making sure to keep their hands together, she returned to Wolfe and Europa.

She smiled. Europa frowned when she saw they were holding hands. Viola smiled. "I'm sorry babe, it's only work."she added, laughing a little. Wolfe quickly interrupted their little moment. He updated Antonio on their progress.

"We've got him. How are things on your end?"

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