One Down......

She smiled. Europa frowned when she saw they were holding hands. Viola smiled. "I'm sorry babe, it's only work."she added, laughing a little. Wolfe quickly interrupted their little moment. He updated Antonio on their progress.

"We've got him. How are things on your end?"

Antonio and Prime Time were busy dealing with the small army of Wolf mechs and guards wearing mech power suits. It was a challenge to only hit them with the intent to wound. The guards on the other hand were trying to kill them.

Antonio on phone: Excellent get them to the the rail car and keep Hook subdued. We are still waiting for Mr. Steel. In the meantime Prime and I will keep their focus on us. When we are all together at the rail car I'll free the other prisoners to create a riot. Now make sure you are seen with Hook so they know he was rescued.

Antonio then smirked as he tossed an EMP grenade at the guards and mechs to neutralize them. Prime Time then began using the broken mechs to throw at the guards to keep them pinned down.

Antonio: Well done Prime.

Prime: Thanks Master. How much longer?

Antonio: Soon very soon.

Tag (waiting on Michael Steel and Andre)

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