Detained- Breakout/Stronger Faster-

Michael held a tight grip on the orb as it glowed with magical power. He put it away, before shifting his image to that of a man in uniform, one who looked like he had high authority.

As the others piled in, going one way, Michael turned on his heels, dusting his already clean uniform off as he made his way towards Andre's cell. Guards rushed past him, paying him no mind as the sounds of gunfire and explosions was far more important. Michael hated it personally, he was always the center of attention, but his friend came first.

Finally, he saw him, inside Andre laid on the ground staring at the ceiling. For a second, a horrible thought crossed Michael's mind, but he shook it off. Micheal pulled a charge out of his pants, before attaching it to the door. Seconds later, the door unlocked, allowing the illusionist entrance.

Andre jerked up into a sitting position, looking at the person who had entered his cell.

"What do you want?"

"Juice," The man said, looking completely serious.

Andre smiled, amused that this grown man just asked him for juice. Then he examined him closer. His blonde hair, his vibrant blue eyes. His face began to morph, much to Andre's disgust, and when his skin stopped shifting, he looked extremely familiar.

"Michael? It's about time!"

Michael smiled, before moving over to his friend. He was in restraints, seemed just a little overkill, but he was somewhat high priority.

"You have it?"


"It" was a small vial, which contained a neon green liquid. Michael popped the top off, before handing it to Andre, and he proceeded to gulp the liquid down.

"Ah...that's like, an hour of...Concentrated L-L-LOCOMOTION!"

Andre's hands vibrated violently, causing the metal restraints to fall to the ground with a clank. Andre smiled from ear to ear, the feeling of his heart beating a million times a second was like drugs to him, funny, cause it was caused by a drug. Michael shifted back to his more official looking self, before taking the orb from out. It glowed brightly, and as Michael held it, it activated. A figure appeared, tailored perfectly to look just like Andre, it was definitely one of Michael's best illusions to date. It proceeded to lie onto the bed pretending to sleep (but illusions don't sleep). Michael motioned for Andre to follow and began to lead his hyperactive ally towards the evac point.

There was nothing more than a blur (hence the name) and Andre dashed down the hall, diving behind what little cover was available. The operation was running smoothly, that was, until Michael heard a voice behind him.

Michael turned, seeing a young man sporting the uniform of a guard approach him.

"Sir, I-I saw you on the security camera. Did you take one of the inmates out of their cells?"

Michael scowled, before turning around to face the young guard.

"Why, that's absolutely preposterous! Whatever inmate you're speaking of is likely still in their cell."

"But, I saw you. Speaking of which, I don't recognize you. Can I see your verification card? Every member of security has one."

Michael scoffed,"Try behind you."

Before the man could react, Andre grabbed him by the back of his head, before slamming him into the ground. He blacked out instantly, and Andre kicked him over onto his back, preparing to finish him.

"Ah, leave him be, Andre. We need to go before some other wise@ss stops us.

"Aw, that's no fun."

"We don't have time for fun. Not yet."

The two continued, Andre moving as fast as possible to make himself hard to notice. Finally, they had made it to the rail car. Michael pulled out a flip phone, and notified Antonio of their progress.

"Tophat to Mustache, the kangaroo is in the zoo, I repeat, the kangaroo is, infact, in the zoo, over."

He smiled, before tossing the phone at the wall with all of his force. Sadly, Michael wasn't known for his strength. The phone tapped against the wall, before falling to the floor. Michael scowled, before looking towards Andre. The speedster nodded, walking over and using his super speed to rapidly stomp on the phone until it caught fire, reducing it to a mess of molten plastic and scorched hardware.

"Whatever, showoff. Put that thing out before you muck up this whole operation."


Dispite her pretty eyes, Queen was not your average girl. She noticed Major Victory's little gesture, hands on his hips, and responded with her default, absolutely deadpan expression. Once Gray had finished speaking, she began.

"I've been through some pretty rough things in my past, and I've had to face the most daunting of challenges. I might look like a rich preppy girl, but I'm far from it. Of all things, the one skill I am good at is enduring. But I know that even that can be improved. I'm willing to do whatever it takes, "suffering" might as well be my middle name, because I'm very familiar with it."

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