Atshi sat up in the bed. She rubbed the back of her neck. She had a bad headache. She had had some time to think, ever since she was captured. She had been thinking about her past, when she went by Scintilla. That was when she had bombed a bunch of famous landmarks. They had been good at rebuilding them, especially since it was over 20 trillion dollars in damages.
They had emprisonned her for the first time the next day. She had kept the golden collar from that day. Using it as a necklace, she kept it as a reminder. A reminder that she was stronger than that. And look where that strength lander her? Prison. It was because she hadn't counted on multiple heroes, she failed. She needed an army for her next... for her first real victory. She had to prove herself. Her father was the king of hell, and she was a half born. She had the powers of both, but her weaknesses were worse.
She wondered when they were going to break her out, or if she would have to die here. The only problem is, when you're immortal, waiting to die kind of takes a long time. She held her collar in her hands. It kept her wings contained, so they wouldn't bother her when she was fighting or undercover.
She wondered how her mother was. Ever since they fought and she started living with her dad, she hadn't really talked to her, expect for when she needed to talk about... girl stuff. Her mother was where she got most of her looks from, expect for her eyes. Those were dad. For sure.
Her mother was the one who had always taught her to see things a way no one else would. And she still lived by that today. She saw this world in need of an evolution, and the only way humans could grow stronger is through conflict. So that was her life goal. Make life miserable to make humanity better. It was the only way she felt at peace with both her angelic and demonic heritage.
But after that, a few years ago, she changed somehow. The way she had been through hardship, especially when her sister died, had shaped her into the person she was now. It was that trauma that brought her over the edge. She was now one of the most hated in the world, but somehow, just somehow, she felt proud of herself.

"I did something nobody else would. I made humanity work together, so be it against a common enemy."

First, Hero High,she thought.Then, the world.
She smiled. When she got out. She was going to make humanity evolve. Past anything they could have hoped to reach on their own. She wanted to make the earth one big demon playground. She would turn all those poor lost souls into demons with purpose. To do that, she would send all of their souls to hell.

One. At. A. Time. she thought, laughing maniacally.

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