The two continued, Andre moving as fast as possible to make himself hard to notice. Finally, they had made it to the rail car. Michael pulled out a flip phone, and notified Antonio of their progress.

"Tophat to Mustache, the kangaroo is in the zoo, I repeat, the kangaroo is, infact, i

Antonio hung hung up his earphone and smirked at Prime Time as he pulled out a device and set it up.

Antonio: It's time for the big finish.

Prime: Just say the word Master.

Antonio: In 3...2..1 Now!

Prime Time then squatted and leapt up to smash the ceiling and bring it down between them and the guards as Antonio tossed an orb at the guards. As the cement rubble created a barrier all of the locks on the prisoners near the guards unlocked. As the guards were recovering the found they were now fighting off a good number of very dangerous criminals.

Prime Time then grabbed Antonio and flew to the exit to regroup with the others on the rail car. As they closed the drain hatch Antonio used a portable arc welder to seal it shut to buy more time.

Antonio: Prime get us out of here.

Antonio jumped in the rail car to join the others as the sped away. Once the arrived at the bunker below the garage where the car was, Antonio told them get into the car as he scanned Andre for tracking devices and found him clean. Once they piled into the limo they headed back to the warehouse. The Antonio thanked everyone for their efforts.

Antonio: Well done everyone and welcome Mr. Gail. Get some food and rest. Tomorrow night we will be stealing an item of importance. For those of you unfamiliar with my plan, I am planning to rescue an important individual and to rescue them I will need specific personal and resources. You have free time till 8pm tomorrow. Prime do bring Hook for interrogations.

Prime followed Antonio carrying an out old Hook over his shoulder.


Dispite her pretty eyes, Queen was not your average girl. She noticed Major Victory's little gesture, hands on his hips, and responded with her default, absolutely deadpan expression. Once Gray had finished speaking, she began.

"I've been through some pretty rough things in my past, and I've had to face the most daunting of challenges. I might look like a rich preppy girl, but I'm far from it. Of all things, the one skill I am good at is enduring. But I know that even that can be improved. I'm willing to do whatever it takes, "suffering" might as well be my middle name, because I'm very familiar with it."

Major Victory chuckled as he saw the determination in the eyes of the two kids.

Major: Well you both seem determined so I will grant your request but remember this, if you quit you will hate yourself. Now follow me to the Holo Training Room.

After leading the kids to an empty large room with grid like wall paper he spoke up.

Major: This is a holographic training room. Here we can monitor your stats and progress. I will monitor your progress from another room. Don't worry you won't die but you will get stunned real bad so use your brain and not just your fist to win. You will be attacked by several mechs that will learn to adapt to your skills. Good luck.

The Major left the room and the room turned into a city as twenty foot tall mechs emerged to attack the kids.


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