Queen wished she could say she hadn't even broken a sweat, but she would be lying. She wiped her forehead before calling for the other student.

"Gray, how you holding up?"

"Not great." he panted. "I can't move fast enough, I can't kill them before they adapt." he said. Charging forward but being knocked back before he could close half the space between him and his target. Rolling far enough he slammed the wall on the other end of the room. Standing he wobbled, staggering trying to get moving again. Falling to his knees before he could get moving again. "I...can't..." he punched the floor.

Major Victory watched the two student s trying to adapt to a pointless situation since it was a never ending battle with an army of mechs that adapts to your powers and skills. He nodded as McQueen was off to a decent start but she still had a lot to learn about pacing herself since the robots were not going to stop coming after her. Gray on the other hand was still struggling to handle his situation. Vic then messed with the console a bit so now the mechs attacking McQueen had diamond skin. This would limit her super strength and force her to think about her attacks now. The next mech in line glowed as its skin turned into diamonds as it trudged over to McQueen and picked up a large chunk of cement from the street to crush her with.


Viola looked to her left, just as they returned into the warehouse. Europa was being taken away by one of the henchmen, for whom his name she did not care to learn. She broke free the mans grasp, and just for a second, kissed her, before she was pulled away again.

Antonio was checking a few things over when he saw the henchmen separating the two girls. He could see they were very close and didn't want to be separated. A smirk rose on his face as he stopped the henchmen with Viola. he then called for a second henchmen.

Antonio: Peters! Do aid Mr. Nails here in taking both young ladies to their holding cell. They may share the same one as last time.

Antonio looked at Viola with a smirk.

Antonio: As a reward for doing your part well. You may stay together tonight. However mess up any mission and that privilege will be lost. Think carefully what you believe is important Ms. Odol.

Antonio then waved them off and the henchmen took both girls to their cell and locked them in same cell.

Once they were locked in the guards spoke up.

Guard 1: We will be back with your food in a bit.

Guard 2: If you want privacy wait till lights out.

The two guards left as if they didn't have a care in the world.

Meanwhile Antonio and Prime Time took The Hook away to a private room to interrogate him. The room was soundproof so no one could hear his screams as Prime began to break all the bones in his arms and legs one at a time as the Hook refused to answer Antonio's questions. Several hours later they left the room and locked it up tight as Prime stood guard and Antonio went to get replacement guards for Prime. Prime went to his room to shower and eat alone while Antonio went to his room to shower before he headed back to his office to work on some details.


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