Proud Moment

Queen turned, seeing Gray land mere feet away from her. She could hardly keep up, and Gray was having a terrible time. She looked at the one eyed mech in the distance, before grinding her teeth. She could hardly breathe at this point. Here comes the words of encouragement.

"Hey, I know you aren't *pant* giving up. Just because you're losing now doesn't mean you won't *pant* win, it just means you're doing the wrong *pant* things. Let's work together, and maybe we can get these last two. Then we can leave."

Queen adjusted her shades. They were cracked, but she had run out of spares at this point. Standing straight, and not quite as exhausted, she extended her hand, not too keen on smiling, but hey, kindness was kindness.

"We beat that Atshi girl, and we can beat this. What do you say?"

Major Victory smirked as he saw McQueen adapting and pushing herself as well as Gray in a real bad situation. He wanted them to learn that life was not fair and the good guys didn't always win. He remembered his fallen friends, especially Disco Flash who died fighting off the Shy'N alien attack last year. Disco Flash orphaned his son Zachary Bell that day and to make things worse Zach lost his memory. Luckily Dr.Orpheus took him in since his daughter Sharona was best friends with Zach. He was forever pained by the loss of friends and family lost in his life. He didn't want the next generation of heroes to see as much loos as he did but unfortunately all he could do was prepare them the best her could. He felt content that Gray and McQueen were aiming for level 2 on the very first day when most students could barely handle level one.


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