Mission 2

The next day in the morning Antonio came out of his office with a suitcase. At the same time Prime escorted Viola and Eurpoa to the warehouse section. Once he had everyone's attention he used his holographic orbs to display Quaenyx Battery.


Antonio: This is a Quaenyx Battery. It will be our next target. I required it to power the device we need to complete our last mission. However it will not be easy as it in the R&D basement of the Area 51 military base that seems to be a big secret to the locals. Once our plane arrives we will make our way to Area 51 in Roswell Mexico and parachute out. For those of you who can fly it should make things easier. We will land at the entrance of the base and force our way in. Make sure you wear your military disguises so we look like Russian mercs. You will find everything you need in the crate overs there (pointing). also Mr. Prime or Mr. Wolfe can assist you. Make sure you are prepared for a military encounter with weapons designed to fight supers. We leave in three hours. In this situation you may need to kill the soldiers since they are trained to take pain. Good luck and make sure you are prepared.

Antonio then left to his office to work on a few things while Prime escorted everyone to the crate with their mission gear in it.


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