Level 3

Gray slammed his fist in the ground each time the impact sunk the floor deeper and deeper. He finally stood staggering a bit but getting back on his feet. "I get it now." he said. "We need to overload them. They can't adapt to everything. They only follow our patterns. We need to change up how we fight think out side the box." he thought. Gray ran at the machine. He seemed faster this time. Still not super speed but still faster then a human. Getting behind the enemy the chucked a stone at it like a massive bullet tearing through its chest.

A few days later.......

Major Victory instructed gray and McQueen on better ways to improvise by changing up their patterns, using the environment to lay traps or weapons and using the switch method of attack to keep an enemy off balance while your partner can rest or plan for a better attack. By doing what the Major said they found they could use the diamond covered limbs as nasty clubs, create pit falls with the streets or shock the mechs with power lines. With his advice they manage to reach level 3 with the mechs. Another technique he was working on with them was called "Reading ". Being able to read an opponent was hard since it required being able to study the strengths and weaknesses in short time based on a few moves. Unfortunately this skill required experience to master and and not many are able to learn it.

Major: Okay kids......this time try to put my advice into action without dying.


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