Level 3

Gray ran his fingers through his now silvered blonde hair. Dropping his 'trademark' track jacket and not tying his usual 'hero mask' on. "Ready when you are."

Queen scoffed, but in a playful way and put her 'trademark' pair of shades on, even if they weren't the same ones she had worn the other day.

"I'm always ready."

She cracked her knuckles as the simulation booted up, and there she was in the same war-torn city they had been in for the past three days.

In front of her stood a tall, but heavily building. And then it began to collapse, as a 20 foot tall mech in diamond armor walked right through it.

"There you are,
you ugly sonuva toaster."

The mech let out a roar, now they seemed to be more menacing, or tried to be, anyway. As the hunk of metal charged toward her, she also noticed it's increased speed. Level 3 was no joke, and she had a feeling that there was a lot more to come.

She charged at the mech head on, not daring to show off a twinge of fear. The mech drew back it's fist, preparing to slam Queen into the pavement. Just as it's fist, now upgraded with super-sonic speed, shot towards Queen, she dodged to the left, using the momentum she had already gained to run behind her enemy.

She turned with a smile. Apparently, the robot's strength had been increased as well, because the robot had punched right through the ground with it's fist, and without the strength it gained by drawing its arm back, it struggled to remove it's fist. That bought Queen time. She made her little observation quick, before charging onward to a nearby subway station.


She ran down, waistline no time to pummel through the supports that held the rough up. Once, she might have seen a subway entrance and thought of it no more than a possible obstacle, but now, she saw an opportunity, a tool. A trap.

She could already hear the thundering of the mech as the last pillar fell. Of course, somehow the thing already knew where she had gotten off too, but as far as she could tell, that was a good thing. It had a reason to approach.

As she came out of the subway, the mech looked up. Now seeing it's target, and not through some sort of wall, it began to charge. Queen didn't match it this time, she walked. Needed a breather anyway. The mech leaped into the air, attempting to land on top of her. Queen turned, diving to one side as the mech landed with a loud and thundering crash. And then a crack, as the pavement under it's very feet began to crumble. It tried to step forward, but it's other leg went under. It's outstretched leg slammed into the ground, the weight of it's body and the integrity of the solid ground forcing its leg to bend, and not in a nice way.

It turned toward Queen, it's stare intensifying. If it's face was originally ment to make her intimidated, this one should have made her straight up petrified. But it did, because the expression's owner was crippled, and Queen would be damned if she let a crippled mech strike fear into her heart.

The mech attempted to stand, and ended up doing an awkward limp in order to approach her. Queen wanted to laugh, but then she remembered, this was the first mech, the others would be a lot harder. Still, she made her way back to the point where the Sim had initiated, approaching Gray.

"Wanna do the honors? We've still got more to chew through, but might as well enjoy ourselves while we still can. Lord knows MJ Victory's trying to kill us in here."

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