Atshi sat up in her bed. It had been four months since she had been imprisoned here for...She couldn't remember.
It had been too long. She couldn't even remember. Her friends obviously weren't going to help her escape, so she would have to find a way ou-
A strong static shock ran through her spine. Her screams echoed in the room. Hey had fitted her with the device a couple weeks after her detainment. It prevented her from having any rational thought toward escape. They were constantly shocking her to remove any want to escape, and she knew it was working. She had gone from constantly wanting to escape to only thinking about it by accident.

The guards had become more and more comfortable with her though, actually bringing her food into the room, as she just sat on the floor most of the time. She started talking to this one guy named Devin. He worked every day but Thursdays and Mondays, so she was starting to feel okay with her life here. It wasn't as exciting as life on the outside, as there was no murder, but she liked talking to Devin. She had made a friend, something that rarely happened in her lifetime.

She was excited. Devin was due to enter her room any minute now.
The door opened, and she was a little disappointed when Devin wasn't the one to enter her room.
"Where is Devin?" she asked the woman, who looked a little scary. The woman talked with her nose in the air.
"He was executed. The higher-ups heard he had become too friendly with you." she dropped Atshi's food onto the table. "Goodbye."

Atshi sat there for a while, before beginning to cry. Devin had done nothing wrong. The people who killed him deserved to be executed themselves.

She stood up, and followed behind the woman.
"Atarishianna. Return to your place now."
Atshi didn't listen. She was vengeful now. Devin was her friend. And they had just offed him like he was an animal.
She grabbed the woman by the throat, and took no surprise when a blade was stabbed into her gut. She didn't flinch. She threw the woman to the side, taking her key card and using it to unlock the door. As she passed through the doorway, the shock started non-stop. The way being slowed, but it wasn't enough. She stabbed the knife into the machine on her back, disabling it.

She was going to be the one getting payback this time.

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