OOC - Ideas for New Direction

Well here is a few ideas to revive the Game:
1) Continue current Story line
2) Have a character alter the past for selfish reasons
3) Have the characters chase a villain into a parallel dimension and need to find a way back. Examples below:
a) A Reverse World where heroes and villains are switched
b) Zombie Apocalypse World with super Zombies to fight
c) A world where Aliens took over Earth and no supers are left
d) A world where the villains won and defeated all the Heroes
e) A world where humans make supers fight as gladiator slaves
f) A world where humans are at war with supers
g) A world where everyone died and only ruins are left
h) A world where Alien Bugs arrived on meteors and are destroying all life like parasites like Starship Troopers
i) A world where the Heroes take over the world and control the others with an iron fist
j) A world where they loose their powers
k) A world where people became merepeople
l) A world where people became bird people
m) A world where humans and aliens co-exist
n) A world where humans have a space faring empire
o) A world where people became bug people
p) A world where they appear in the medieval ages
q) A world where they appear in Ancient Egypt
r) A world where they appear in the Victorian age
s) A world where they appear in a Western
t) A world where they appear in WW1
u) A world where they appear in WW2
v) A world where they appear where dinosaurs live
w) A world where the apes took over
x) A world where Powerful Amazons rule the world and men are slaves
y) A world where rules by cute and powerful kids
z) A world where warriors and wizards prevail
4) Have the players in up in a dimensional rift that drags them from world to world like Sliders
5) Wake up in a world with no sound because a demon likes it quiet
6) Ana can escape and the heroes have to chase her through various worlds
7) "Everyone" gets infected and has to work together to find a cure
8) Everyone is hit by a bright light and looses their memories for a while
9) Everyone gets trapped on a mysterious island they can't seem to leave
10) They get stuck in a time loop and must repeat the same day til they get the sequence right.

Just vote on ideas you like and add ones you want.


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