A new school year as a 3rd Year

OOC - Zach and Shar are 3rd years now if you want to update Sam.

It was the first day of a new school year for Sharona and Zach as they were now 3rd years and halfway through their time at Hero High. It had been a scary time for them the last two years as they fought evil villains, an evil demon and aliens ta boot. While fighting the aliens a year ago, Zach managed to sabotage their terra-form machine and reverse it at the cost of his memory. However he did gain a new power in his right arm that negates just about any kind of power it touches. This was a double edge sword as it could negate his allies as well as his opponents. With the help of his friends who stood by him despite his memory loss, he was able to get back on track for life and school. Sharona spent many days showing him pictures of their child hood together and of his late parents. He learned of his mother death when he was a child and of his father's death during the war with the alien Shy'N. Since he didn't remember them he felt no connection to his loss, however he did still feel empty inside.

That is why Sharona spent a good portion of the year making Zach fall in love with her through questionable acts of mental conditioning. She also encouraged Zach to make and keep friends like Sky, Gray, Sam, Yakol & Hakham. Granted each one had their pros and cons, they did help Zach adapt to starting over. With help from Professor Camp, Zach was able to remember a lot of his education from the past, however his personal memories were still gone. The last homecoming dance marked the day Zach came to terms with his feelings for Sharona, despite her "Queen of Hearts" like attitude. Oddly enough only Zach has ever seen Sharona with her guard down as she was worried she might scare him off with her public persona. Despite Zach being a weak glow stick in the past, she loved him and feared loosing him. So after a lot of negotiating, bribing, nagging and begging......Sharona finally got her father Dr. Orpheus to accet Zach as he boyfriend and future husband. Oddly enough she didn't give Zach a chance to refuse either.

So now they were leaving home to the bus stop as her father Dr. O left to join the others of the Order of the Triad (Al Chemist and Jefferson Starlight). As they walked to the bus stop Sharona grabbed Zach's left hand. Zach wore a red glove on his right hand as a deterrent of others to touch it.

Sharona: Does this bother you?

Zach: Naw......... its cool Shar. I know better than to refuse you when you are nice.

Sharona: That's right mister you're mine for better or worse. And don't let me catch you flirting with any other girls.

Zach: Relax Shar. You are the only girl who is willing to put up with me. That and you helped me a lot this year.

Sharona: Don't get all sappy on me Zach.

Zach: I know you prefer that stuff in private. So were you serious about marriage? I mean I can't offer you a future when I am still figuring it out.

Sharona: Zach you already have a house and your father's inheritance plus his royalties. You really don't need to work anymore. Just get a simple job to pass the time. Besides daddy caved in and accepted our relationship as long was we live next door in your house so he can have dinner with us now and then.

Zach: How long have you been planning our marriage?

Sharona: That's not important.

Zach: Sharrrrrr???????? How long?

Sharona: About ten years! You happy?

Zach: I guess I am lucky then.

Sharona: What for?

Zach: That you would care for me that much even when I lost my memory of you.

Sharona: Oh.....(blush)......well.......let that be a reminder of how important I am to you.

Zach: I am sure if I do you will remind me.

Sharona: You're damn straight I will.

Zach then gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and grinned slyly at her as she turned red.

Sharona: Behave mister or I'll put you in the penalty box.

Zach: You know I learned something last year with all the stuff that went on.

Sharona: What's that?

Zach: Women are all crazy.

Sharona: And men are all stupid.

Zach: True, but I can live with your kind of crazy.

Sharona was beet red by Zach being affectionate. Zach looked at her with his gentle eyes and smiled.

Zach: It's nice to know you have my back Shar.......and with your permission you can have my front too.

Sharona: Oh you are so gonna pay for that one mister. You better cook me dinner if you want to stay in my good graces today.

Zach: How about Italian Baked Meatballs?


Sharona: Oh Zach you do love me.

Zach: Maybe after we graduate I can get a job at a local restaurant since cooking is easy for me.

Sharona: Great idea Zach. I'll prolly work with daddy in the supernatural business. It pays well by the hours suck. However I must admit i have been spoiled by your cooking. I am so glad you make our breakfast, lunch and dinner these days.

After a while the Hero High bus arrived and Sharona and Zach got on the bus to keep talking.

Sam, Hakham, and Yakol were walking to the school bus together. It had been tough to mend the their relationship despite the fact that they had all started out as the same person. Sam still had his insecurities, Yokol still had his villainous moments, and Hakham was still struggling to find out who he wanted to be. Despite their problems they were all able to live together at home.

When they got on the bus Sam went to sit near his friend Zack while the other two sat together.

Zach and Shar looked up to see Sam sit by them.

Shar: Sup Sam.

Zach high fived Sam with his left hand (safe hand) as he greeted him.

Zach: What up Sam. Ready for an new year?


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