Sky nearly bounced off the bus, she was in a good mood. Ready for the new year she was only holding two lunch bags soon Gray got off the bus. He had two packs slung over his shoulders one strap of each. "Remind me why I am carrying both bags?" he asked, "Because you are a big strong man and can handle it. Besides I made you lunch its the least you can do." Sky explained before locking her hand in his, "Is that Zach and Shar!" she shouted "Come on come on. We gotta talk to them before the bell rings." she said dragging Gray behind her. Even though the packs weren't that heavy for him he didn't want to run with them bouncing around on his back. "They're not going anywhere." he groaned but be felt like he really should keep up.

The two walked up to the group. "Oh wow, you two look so cute together. And Zach seems to have relaxed a bit." Sky said as Gray adjusted one of the slipping packs. "Hey guys." he said.

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