Catching Up?

Sam gave Shar and Zach a high five and said, “Yeah, the power trio is back together.” he sat down with a sigh, “Home life has been difficult ever since Yakol moved in with us. It is like having a manipulative older sister. I am so glad to be starting a new year, we are going to have so many adventures together.” Sam’s tail twitched excitedly.

Yakol had turned his hand into a mirror and was changing himself into his female form, his parents had insisted he be a boy while at home, but she preferred the female look. After seeing how she looked in her hand mirror she looked back at Zach, “How do I look cutie?” She did this because she liked to flirt, but she also had a malevolent grin on her face because she knew Shar hated anyone else flirting with Zach. The looks she got back from Sam and Shar sent chills down her spine and she reflexively became the same color as the bus seats, “Sorry Shar.” she said as she shrunk back into her seat. She looked at her arms and started adjusting her skin tone.


Hakham Smiled at the trio and said cheerfully, “It is good to see you again Zach and Shar. I got you both a notebook with your names on it as a back to school gift, I hope you guys are still dating or this will be an awkward gift.” The notebooks had both names surrounded by a heart and notebook was intended for whoever’s name was on top.

Zach shrugged as he accepted the notebook from Hakham.

Zach: Thanks bro. Shar is.....(sly grin).....(ooffhh)

Sharona elbowed Zach in the ribs and made him chuckle.

Sharona: Don't even joke like that.

Zach: I was just messing around, besides it was cool of Hakham right?

Sharona: Yeah yeah.

The kids then made a few jokes and teased each other a bit till they arrived at Hero High.

Sky explained before locking her hand in his, "Is that Zach and Shar!" she shouted "Come on come on. We gotta talk to them before the bell rings." she said dragging Gray behind her. Even though the packs weren't that heavy for him he didn't want to run with them bouncing around on his back. "They're not going anywhere." he groaned but be felt like he really should keep up.

The two walked up to the group. "Oh wow, you two look so cute together. And Zach seems to have relaxed a bit." Sky said as Gray adjusted one of the slipping packs. "Hey guys." he said.

Zach turned to see Sky and gray approaching in good spirits. Zach high fived Gray and Sky as they greeted them, while Sharona hugged Sky and nodded at Gray.

Zach: So you two ready for a new year?

Sharona: Zach thinks we are going to have a nice calm and boring year. Apparently he can't seemed to remember our first year was chaotic like our second year.

Zach: Hec I can't remember a lot of things.

Sharona: Don't worry Zach.....I'll be sure to remind you on a regular basis.

Zach: She is committed eh? So did everyone enjoy their summer?


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