Before the bell rings

Sam smiled at Sky and Gray and waved, “Hey guys, it is good to see you again.”
Hakham smile does and joked, “Take it easy Grayson, it looks like you are taking a double load this year. When are you going to have time for your girlfriend.”
Yakol eyed the food sky was holding greedily and turned arround to face away from them deciding that she liked what Sky was wearing and transformed her outfit to mimic it with a different color pattern so that they would not match exactly. Last time she had flirted with Grayson and Sky it did not end well so she avoided looking at them while trying not to act ambivalent or embarrassed.


Alvin was trying out his powers in the cemetery. He started by draining a tree of life and converting the life energy into magic power, he was unable to reverse the process, so he used the power to raise multiple courses from their graves. He tried making a fireball that sputtered and died in his hand, yet when he made an ice spike it was larger and harder than he thought it would be and he hurled it at a gravestone with groundbreaking and stone shattering results.

When he had finished all the graves were empty, all the trees, grass, and flowers were drained of life. Alvin experimented once more on the trees and he created undead trees this time. He had a small army now, but they were unarmed. So he marched them down the street until he found a gun store, he had no idea what they were, but he saw the crossbow in the window. Alvin had a zombie grab the crossbow and bolts as he used the cold to shatter the glass display cases. Most of the employees had fled, but Alvin found the manager hiding in the break room unaware of what was going on. Alvin forced him to show him how these “strange weapons” worked. The trees blocked anyone from seeing inside the shop, but there were about 50 skeletons or zombies standing in the street.

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