A New Day

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"Yeah Yakol you know me the year can't start till I have my "Astonishingly Magical Pegasus" backpack. He said raising his left shoulder the one holding Sky pack. "Besides I took easy classes this year. My pack is light, Sky choose all the book classes." he teased her.

So did everyone enjoy their summer?

A huge grin crossed Sky's face. "We went camping for almost half the summer." she said. "I have a ton of stories. Some of them I can't tell you boys. Girls only you get it." she winked.

"Yeah, thought I'd get away from my house for a bit. Ya know got a bit tired of weird dudes claiming to be heros saying that I can call them uncle so-and-so." he rolled his eyes. "So I bailed out for as long as I could." he explained.

When the bell rang Gray looked at everyone. "Well I got Advanced Training Regimen first. What about you?" he asked.

"I have Botany 101 first." Sky said.

Zach was about to speak when Sharona grabbed him by backpack and pulled him to class.

Sharona: Time to go Glowstick.

Zach: Later guys.

Zach waved bye as Sharona pulled him along. Eventually he turned around and walked by her side and gave her a smile.

Zach: Afraid I might let something slip about our summer in Purgatory?

Sharona: What makes you think that?

Zach: You call me Glowstick as a warning before as a warning.

Sharona: I do??? Perhaps I should let you dig yourself a nice grave first.

Zach: Relax Shar. I will omit those things out of fear of your retribution.

Sharona: Good or you will crying yourself to sleep mister.

Zach and Sharona made their way to Campo's class for Advanced Physics. Sharona was glad that Zach moved up to Hero status and over came a lot of bad odds like his new power of nullification with his right arm and the loss of his memories and being a Ginnie pig for Prof Campo to get many of his memories back. Oddly enough the side effect of Campo's work on Zach is that Zach gained a photographic memory which did help him adjust to school again. They found their chairs and got comfortable as they listened to the know it all Professor.

Crystal wondered the school aimlessly. Today was her first day and she was completely lost. She really did not even think that she actually belonged here. The amount of people alone was enough to put her on cage. “ ummm... Excuse me I think I might be lost” she said as she approached a group of children.

Crystal was quickly greeted by Coach Lucy Canton aka Rubber Maid and escorted to the gym for power exams. There were a lot of new students who were also with Crystal and had confused expressions.

Principle Carson: Okay new students follow me inside to the gym for orientation.

Principle Carson stood behind a podium to speak to the new students.

Principle Carson: Good morning. I am Principle Carson aka Solaris. On behalf of all the faculty and staff, welcome to Hero High.

The kids applauded to the Principle.

Principle Carson: In a few moments you will go through Power Placement and your own heroic journey will begin.

Boy 1: "Power placement"?

Girl 1: Sounds fascist.

Boy 2: Power Placement....... it's how they decide where you go. The hero track or the loser track.

Boy 3: Th-th-there's a loser track?

Girl 2: I believe the preferred term is "Hero Support. "

Principle Carson: For now, good deeds and good luck. Let the adventure begin.

Principle Carson then left the gym in a flashy manner as she floated off.

Rubber Maid: Okay kids welcome to Power Placement.

Rubber Maid: All right, listen up. My name is Coach Lucy Canton. You may know me as " Rubber Maid. " You may not. Here's how Power Placement is gonna work. You will step up here and show me your power. And, yes, you will do so in front of the entire class. I will then determine where you will be assigned. Hero or sidekick. Now, every year there are a few students or, as I like to call them, "whiner babies," who see fit to question and to complain about their placement. So let's get one thing straight. My word is law. My judgment is final, so there will be no whiner babies. Are we clear? I said, are we... clear?!

Kids: Yes, Coach Canton!

Coach Canton: Go-time! You! What's your name?

Barry: B- B-Barry.

Coach Canton: Little Barry. Get up here.

Boy 4: What's humiliating him going to prove? This is so unfair.

Girl 4: If life were to suddenly get fair, I doubt it would happen in high school.

Coach Canton dropped a car on Barry and he turned into a stone golem and caught the car.

Coach Canton: Big Barry. Hero!

Boy 5: So he's good. But I'm better.

Coach Canton: Did I say you were next?

Boy 5: Check this out.

Coach Canton: Did I say you were next?

The boy opened his mouth and a bee came out and the boy controlled it very well.

Boy 5: See?

Coach Canton: One bee? Not even a swarm of bees?

Boy 5: No but I.....

Coach Canton: SIDE KICK!!!

Boy 5 bowed his head in shame and left the stage.

Coach Canton: Any day now, superstar.

Boy 5: Are you sure you don't want to just...

Coach Canton: [shouting loud enough to throw Boy 5 off his feet] SIDEKICK!

Coach Canton: NEXT??? YOU!!

A girl got on the stage and had a negative attitude as well.

Coach Canton: What's your power?

Girl 5: I'ma shapeshifter.

Coach Canton: Okay go.

Girl 5 then turned into a frog.

Coach Canton: A frog?

Girl 5: Yep

Coach Canton: Not even a swarm of frogs?

Magenta: Uh, no.

Coach Canton: Sidekick, shoo!

Girl 5: Bite me!

Coach Canton: You, Flower child. Let's go.

Hippy Girl: I believe in only using my powers when the situation demands it.

Coach Canton: Well, you're in luck: This is the situation, and I'm demanding it.

Hippy Girl: But to participate in this test would be to support a flawed system. I think the whole Hero-Sidekick dichotomy only serves to...

Coach Canton: Let me get this straight. Are you refusing to show me your powers?

Hippy Girl: Well, it's more complicated than that, I mean...

Coach Canton: SIDEKICK!

Then Coach Canton pointed at Crystal.

Coach Canton: Your next kid.


When he had finished all the graves were empty, all the trees, grass, and flowers were drained of life. Alvin experimented once more on the trees and he created undead trees this time. He had a small army now, but they were unarmed. So he marched them down the street until he found a gun store, he had no idea what they were, but he saw the crossbow in the window. Alvin had a zombie grab the crossbow and bolts as he used the cold to shatter the glass display cases. Most of the employees had fled, but Alvin found the manager hiding in the break room unaware of what was going on. Alvin forced him to show him how these “strange weapons” worked. The trees blocked anyone from seeing inside the shop, but there were about 50 skeletons or zombies standing in the street.

Prime Time managed to make it to the cemetery to find Alvin. He was in a lot of pain and trying to lay low.

Prime Time: Hey Alvin what the hec man. We need to lay low. My army got smashed and they are hunting us like rats now. You try raising the dead again and they will find us.


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