New Schedules

Zach and Sharona finally finished up with Advanced Physics with Professor Campo and made their way to Advanced Survival Tactics with Sir Higgins Barnbuck. In that class they learned to deal with stressful situations and using logic to overcome them. Sir Higgins used the holographic room to create an environment that would test the students PSR or PRIMITIVE SURVIVAL RATING. They would be given a challenge based on their current level and given a series of tasks to accomplish within an allotted time. Based on their results they would either improve stay the same or lose PSR stats. The main point of this was to ready heroes and side kicks for dangerous situations in the future. Sir Higgins was allowed to expand it after the attack from the alien Shy'N invaders.

After running the students through the basics he was surprised that Zach and Sharona did so well compared to many of the other students. When asked what preparations they took for that experience Zach and Sharona simply explained that they spent the summer with Dr. Orpheus in Purgatory so after dealing with evil spirits and undead monsters, the class was not as stressful. Sir Higgins was highly amused by that story since it was a good form of training. He encouraged them to keep raising the bar and he mentioned he bagged a lot of trophies in the realm of the undead.

When class was over Gray walked back to meet Sky, and Sky wanted to meet back up with Shar, and Yakol.

Zach and Sharona left Advanced Survival Tactics and made their way down the hall to their next class when they saw Sky and Gray.

Zach: What's our next class Shar?

Sharona: History of Supers. Snoresville.

Zach: Well maybe we will hear about your dad.

Sharona: That would be funny.

Zach: (seeing Sky and Gray) Wat up guys?


Crystal quality followed the other students into the room. She very quickly started to feel uncomfortable. Mostly because of all the noise. When the coach finally pointed to her she had had enough of the nonsense. So she ignored the request for her name and jumped into the air she turned into a snow owl she flew to the highest point she could find in the gym before diving right at the coach. Just before she hit her she turned into a leopard twisting her body in the air so that she would land next to the coach. She finished her little stunt by turning into a wolf and howling before growling and baring her teeth at the coach.

Coach Canton: Impressive Crystal. You are the first Hero I got today. Now take a break I got a few more to go.

After that a few kids had decent powers like controlling ice and magnetism, but the majority of them were weaker side kicks.

Coach: Okay kids that does it for power placement today. Go head and take lunch for 30 minutes and then come back here for your schedules.

Many of the kids began to group off as either heroes or side kicks.

Boy 1: And the segregation begins.

Girl 2: Deal with it. Lets eat.


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