New Territories

Hakham, Yakol, and Sam each passed survival training with flying colors. Hakham focused on speed and agility, Yakol focused on overwealming strength, and Sam took a unique approach to the challenge using the abilities of a lion, hawk, and gecko.

After class Sam met up with Shar and Zack, Yakol met up with Sky and Grayson, and Hakham took a short flight by himself.

Zach got a bit embarrassed as Sharona actually complimented him for being able to do well in class this year.

Sharona: You guys would be shocked by Zach now. I guess all that training in Purgatory helped rough out his rough edges.

Zach: Man that place was scary. Dude I was surrounded by the undead 24/7.

Sharona: Duhhh.....purgatory. Anyway we spent most of the Summer there with Daddy since he had work with the Triad and wanted us to get some training in.

Zach: Well it got a lot less scary as I got used to it.

Sharona: Oh snap! Were gonna be late Zach. We will meet up for lunch guys.

Sharona pulled Zach away to head to their next class.


Alvin seemed to know Prime time was a friend and seeing him also brought back a memory of another necromancer. Alvin has his skeletons and zombies grab what they could from the gun store and ordered them to follow him as he followed Prime time out of the store. Alvin was willing to find out anything about his past and sticking close to Prime time seemed like the best option.

Prime Time led Alvin to a sewer and hid inside as they watched from the hole to the entrance. Little did they know they were being watched by Sewer Urchin who was hiding from them. Sewer Urchin was not very strong and only used stink power on criminals, but lately he was very worried since Prime Time has been hiding in the Sewers and occasionally bringing in more criminals. He wanted to stop him but he feared for his life since Prime Time was super strong. So for now he quietly watched them and hoped he could eventually call for help.

Meanwhile Prime Time told Alvin they were being hunted down by Major Victory.

She knew it was now September, and Hero High was probably doing their initiation this week. She still held a deep hatred in the heart against those who did her wrong, and she was formulating a plan against the heroes to strike soon. She already had most of the things she needed; a new look, a power duller to go under the radar, and a new identity. She was going to bring them apart from the inside, placing curses on those who inhabit the halls.

Hero High would have to beg for her mercy.

As Atshi was making plans for attacking Hero High, Meleculo and a few others were looking for her as they have been searching the world for her. They were determined to put her back in prison ASAP. She had long since lost her chance at redeeming herself after the chaos she caused to innocent bystanders. Some Heroes were even contemplating killing her if they got the chance, with a few rare holy items they had been collecting.


At lunch time there were a few students that grouped up and excluded the others. A loner named Lexie Lynn aka Rogue looked at Crystal and decided to confront her.

Lexie: Hey lonely girl? Wanna get some chow? Most of the chumps here like to leave us out. Its no different in regular school even with powers. So what do


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