Its Just Lunch

Sam was hanging out with Zach and Shar as he listened to their summer adventures. "I am jealous that you guys got to spend your summer training in purgatory. I want to come with you next time you go. I am sure my parents won't mind and it beats spending time with that monster Yakol."

Yakol asked Sky, "I need you to help me be a better girl. You always wear the prettiest outfits and you you have a man you can boss around however you like. Help me be as awsome as you in this area because I am better than you in every other way."

Hakham took a trip to the park for Lunch and he found a nice tall tree to perch in to watch the people and animals from.

Zach chuckled at Sam.

Zach: I didn't get a choice in the matter. Shar dragged me kicking and screaming.

Sharona: Yeah he needed to woman up and grow a pair.

Zach: I am gonna pretend I didn't just hear you say that. Anyway Sam I won't stop you if you want to go next time, but don't plan on sleeping, especially if you get possessed.

Sharona: Zach got possessed a good thirty times. It was funny.

Zach: Luckily they left when I touched my head or chest.

Sharona: No offense Sam, but daddy wanted to toughen up Zach a bit.

Zach: That place was intense and made that Waling dead show a cake walk.

Sharona: Oh maybe we can charge tickets to make it a haunted house of sorts.

Zach: You think your dad would agree?

Sharona: Maybe.

Zach: So is Yakol adjusting to being a female these days?


Alvin asked Prime Time, "I don't like this, I seem to have lost my memories, but I know how to use my powers. Do you mind if I have the undead I made guard the entrances as you help me remember who I am and where I am from? I feel like I should be a king or something."

Prime Time looked confused as he was thinking hard.

Prime Time: But what if the Major sees them? He will find us faster if you do. Besides that jerk kicked my but already so I doubt your zombies will last long. It might be better if all hide in the sewers. Tha Major is not the only one hunting us down. We gotta hide and figure stuff out.

Meanwhile in the dark shadows Sewer Urchin was listening in on them through the pipes.


Crystal was startled from her thoughts by another girl. She tried to offer the other girl a smile. “ I’m not sure I belong here, I was thinking about skipping lunch and finding someplace quieter” she said. She arrived at the cafeteria. Every instinct told her to run that this was some kind of trap.

Lexie grinned and giggled a bit as she looked at Crystal.

Lexie: Girl you got "Leave Me Alone" written all over your face. How about this....... we go in we eat and hang out a bit. If we don't get along..... I'll bug someone else. But girl you need to relax. This is high school. No one cares what we think, say or do. So for the next couple of years we either hide from the big dogs or live large. Either way its gonna be a bumpy ride. So what do ya say girl?


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