Altered Course

“You know it’s not there fault they didn’t exactly get a chance and I think anyone can be a hero. Do you have any idea what class we will be next” Crystal asked as she finished her lunch.

Lexie swallowed her food and wiped her mouth before she spoke.

Lexie: Yeah we go back to the gym to get our schedules on paper. After that we head to whatever class they stick us in. Since its the first day we just show up for attendance and listen to a boring speech or something. Hey did ya wanna do something after school?


Yakol loved eating so the burger place was the only place she wanted to go, “Sky you are a hero in my book, You are simply a hero with a very specific utility.”

Sam and Hakham complained in unison “Can we at least go to the arcade after Burger Boy?”

Sam added, “Zach, you are amazing. Your training really paid off.”

Zach: Uhhhh thanks guys.

Sharona: Yeah yeah he's amazing, but don't let it go to your head Zach. Our training is far from over.

Zach: I know Shar. I'll keep it on the down lo.

Sharona: Good. And if your two knuckleheads can behave we can go to the arcade to.

Zach: So what class is next?


Prime looked at Alvin with exhaustion in his eyes as they rested on the bank of the river.

Prime Time: Heeey.......wh....keep what ya see to yer self. (breathing hard)

Suddenly Prime Time began to melt and turn to slime. Inside the pile of slime was a kid who passed out and was out cold. Now Alvin knew Prime's secret identity and his future was in his hands.

Alvin was tired, but seeing the kid brought back memories of his own kids. His paternal instincts helped him force himself up and pull Prime Time out of the slime and clean him off. Alvin made himself as comfortable as possible as he held Prime time to his chest. Alvin was naturally cold, but he thought it would be warmer and cleaner than the sewer floor. If a hero found them in this state they would probably be helpless, but Alvin slept as well as he could with his heart and chest warmed by Prime Time.

Alvin dreamed a memory, “You saved us sir, Please stay and protect our small village.” Alvin Brushed the young beautiful girl off, “No one wants me around I may have saved your village, but I bring death wherever I go.” The girl grabbed his arm, “You risked your own safety for us when there was no benefit to yourself. I think that you have a potential that you don’t realize yourself. Sometimes death is the first stage of new life.” Alvin continued to dream as he became village leader, married the woman who had believed in him, the birth of his children and his expansion of power as his new kingdom grew.” It was the kind of dream that made one miss home.

Prime aka Niles, on the other hand was having a nightmare from his past again. Niles was abused as a child by his drunken single step father and tormented by the kids at school so his only solace was comic books and his bug collection. However years of abuse added up and one day Niles was kidnapped by a crazy mad scientist and used as a guinea pig for his experiments. After several failed experiments and a police raid Niles managed to escape back to his pathetic real world and found himself living on the streets as a sickly kid. After a near death experience when his body mutated he was consumed by his negative emotions and decided to pay everyone back who hurt him. At some point he lost his mind and just wanted to hurt everyone. This reoccurring nightmare plagues him on a regular basis. Its rare he has a different dream and even more rare for it to be a good dream.

Atshi was scanning the city using magic. She had been going around, trying to find villains for T.H.O.R.N., which meant having to go places like alleyways, slums, and now, sewers. She sighed. At least the signals came from the output near the river rather than inside the sewer itself.

As she drew near, she noticed that the signals hadn’t been getting much stronger. She sighed. This could either mean one of two things; a dead villain, or a villain close to passing out.

Poor Niles was outcold as Alvin held him to his chest.

She was very close now,just on the other side of some bushes from the signals. She could loosely make out two shapes from where she was, so she tried to get closer.

Niles was now shaking as if he was cold from his nightmares and his body getting to cold from the river water.

Alvin was slowly waking up, he had slept well but didn’t want to disturb Prime Time. He thought he heard a rustling in the bushes nearby and he reacted quickly waking up the rest of the way because he was thinking it was another hero after them. He used his magic to take some water from the river and form a spiked ice wall between himself and the bushes. He picked up Prime Time in his cradled arms and prepared to make a run for it. He had regained a lot of energy from sleeping, but he was hungry and drained needing to conserve his magic unless he found another way to recharge.

Alvin’s energy had regained enough that his natural cold aura left frozen footprints as he ran. He crossed the river and ran along the river. He stopped to rest behind a nearby tree and noticed a stray dog. Alvin drained the dog of life and put enough energy back into it to turn it into an undead dog.

Niles woke up as he was freezing cold and chattering his teeth.

Niles: Wwwwwwwhhhheeeerrreeee aaaarrrreee wwwweeeee?


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