ice blade

Atshi sighed. She really hated it when they ran. She shadowstepped from shadow to shadow to keep up with them, as they would run out of energy soon enough.
“Hey,” she shouted, “you know I’m on your side right?”
They definitely heard her, but still didn’t stop. She sighed once more. Using her shadowstep, she popped out in front of them, arms crossed and a small smirk on her face.
“Come on man hear me out, this is ridiculous.” She was beginning to think he didn’t speak English, when he raised his hands in an offensive position. Atshis eyes narrowed.
“You don’t want to do that.l

Alvin lowered his ice blade on his arm that didn’t hold prime time. He had created it when Atshi appeared suddenly in front of him. It was big enough to shield Prime Time’s child form from sight, so that is what Alvin used it for. He also ordered his undead dog to “sit, stay” to make sure it didn’t attack her.

“I am sorry I thought you were a hero chasing us. We are both pretty drained from being on the run recently and could use all the help you could gi

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