The unknown.

Adeline "Cas" Castiel sat calmly and silently at her seat as the bus she was sitting in got up to full speed and headed straight for the near by cliff.
The bus driver laughed as they plunged down then he must have hit something Cas couldnt see because the large metal machine suddenly glided into the air. He was clearly enjoying himself.
Cas wished she could say the same. She wanted to say it was fun but she wasnt quite sure if it was. She had not had a lot of experience with fun.
She had been sitting on the fence that surrounded her familys camp- just like she always did when their leader didnt need her. Eventhough she needed to wear enough clothes so that the sun didnt hit her exposed skin. She still liked being out in day light.
She had watched the bus drive down the dirt road that led to the camp. It was the onky road that led to the camp. It made it easy for them to see who was coming at all times.
It stopped in front her her where she was sitting under a large maple tree and opened its doors.
The man driving looked normal enough - not that Castiel thought that she knew what normal was.

"Adeline Castiel?" He asked. His accent was mid western and could have been from anywhere.
"Yes" she answered him. Only slightly curious to how he knew her name. The leader had told her since birth that she was God touched. She never believed him but after everything that had happened. She didnt know anymore.
"Hop on." He told her when she didnt move. .
She heard the leaders voice from behind her. "adeline!"
His voice was harsh. She knew what to expect when he caufht up to her. She wasnt allowed to speak to outsiders.
Faster then human normal she moves from the fence to the bus. She stood at the top of the stairs touching the smile scar that decorated her face as the drivrr closed the doors and started driving away. She stood there until she could no longer see the leader running towards them.
The bus rattling broke the hold that the memory had over her and made her look out the window as a flash surround the bus. Then it was gone and in its place she could see a building on a floating island. As in floating in the freaking sky.
She could see people moving around the grounds as the bus moved closer and closer to the ground of the island.
By the time they hit the ground her heart was beating wildly inside her chest. Not from the the flying bus. Which should have been impossible but the amount of people walking around.
She was standing at top of the stairs again- this time staring out at the unknown.
"You getting out kid?" The bus driver asked from behind her.
"Yeah" she said taking a deep breath. "Yeah. I am getting out." She said as she walked into unknown.

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