Welcome to Hero High Power Placement

Welcome Alex and Adeline. We are starting a new year and have moved forward a bit. So feel free to catch up with Power Placement (Show your power to Coach Canton to see if you are a Hero or Sidekick then you will go to lunch and then back to the Gym for your schedules.

Castiel squared her shoulders as she stood on the sidewalk outside what she knew now was a school. She had never been to a school before all children born in the camp were homeschooled by those the leader deemed fit.
From under the brim of the large straw hat she was wearing she could see the other students staring at her.
When she felt her skin start to crawl - as if tiny licks of lightning were moving just under her skin. She closed her eyes and counted to ten. She had only had her powers for a few months and this was the only method she found that worked for her.
She didnt want a repeat of what happened in the barn.
She only opened her eyes when her skin no longer hurt.
With her head up and her shoulders back she walked passed all the other kids and into the school.

Alexsander walked into the school, he was finally here, Hero High. He smiled at everybody, then he realized that some were giving him death glares. You see he was a Freerider, which is a family of villains and wildcards. He watched nervously and looked around at the people staring at him. He bumped into a girl with a straw hat. " Oh, I wasn't looking, Sorry." He scratch his head and smiled at her. " Hi I'm Alexsander, I'm new to this school. Can you help me out, or are you new too?"

Alex and Adeline were soon interrupted by the Student Council President who politely gave a speech to the new students before escorting them to the GYM for Power Placement. There the Student Council President introduced them to Coach Canton aka Rubber Maid. Then the Student Council President left and Coach began calling the student out one at a time to show off their power for better or worse.


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