Keep On Going

Crystal thought for a moment. ”Sure I would love to hang out after school I'm going to head back to the gym all this noise is driving me crazy and we should be getting are scheduls soon. I'll see you there” Crystal said then she picked up her lunch and headed back to the gym.

Lexie then finished her meal and followed Crystal from a distance to see what she was up to. Lexie loved troublesome people and Crystal seemed just like her type as she followed her down the hall.


The three clones looked at their class sheet and gave varying reactions. Yakol was annoyed, Hakham was excited, and Sam was curious. “Says here we have civilian rescue next.” Hakham added, “I wonder if it will cover hostage situations or natural disasters or maybe both.

Zach chuckled as he compared his schedule to Sharona's and saw they had the same classes again. This was done since Zach lost his memories and Sharona was in charge of helping him over come his memory loss.

Zach: Looks like we have the same classes again.

Sharona: Its no surprise since daddy insisted someone keep an eye on you since you are forgetful.

Zach: Yeah well............ At least I can keep up in class now.

Sharona: Yeah. It looks like we have Power Pros & Cons next.

Zach: That should be interesting.

Sharona: Don't worry I'll share my notes so you can keep up later on.

Zach: Thanks Shar.

After leaving the GYM the kids headed to the classes.


Alvin lowered his ice blade on his arm that didn’t hold prime time. He had created it when Atshi appeared suddenly in front of him. It was big enough to shield Prime Time’s child form from sight, so that is what Alvin used it for. He also ordered his undead dog to “sit, stay” to make sure it didn’t attack her.

“I am sorry I thought you were a hero chasing us. We are both pretty drained from being on the run recently and could use all the help you could get

Poor Niles was turning blue from hypothermia at this point. His mind was numb and having trouble listening to the conversation going on. He heard a female voice talking to Alvin before he passed out again.


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