New path

Castiel felt the crawling again as she stood just inside the doorway.
She closed her eyes as the world seemed to shake around her.
She was counting to ten when something stumbled into her.
Make that some one. She discovered.
He was a few inches shorter then me with black hair and blue eyes slightly lighter then my own. I blinked at him
" Oh, I wasn't looking, Sorry." He smiling. He looked sheepish as he scratched his head. Making his short messy hair cut messier
" Hi I'm Alexsander, I'm new to this school. Can you help me out, or are you new too?"

"Castiel" she answered him with a small smile. The act cause the skin around her scars to pull and the lightening under her skin was back. She stuffed it down with a breath and went to tell him that she was knee too when they were interrupted by a student who told them they were the President of students and welcomed us to the school. Hero high. A school for super heros. Humans with powers.
For a moment she was back in the barn.
Then she was being led to the gym for testing.
Standing by a raised platform was a woman with fair skin and curly black hair.
The student president introduced her as Coach Canton also known as Rubber Maid apparently.
Alexsander was the only other student in the room with us.
"Adeline Castiel." The coach called.
"Castiel" I corrected automatically as i moved onto the platform.
She nodded too me ."Show us what you got Castiel" she said firmly but not unkindly.

Show her what i got. Okay. Yeah i can totally do that. She thought.
The only question she had was. What did she have?

"We're waiting miss Castiel." Canton called to her.
Her words broke through Castiels calm and made her heart beat with embarrassment and just like that her skin was crawling.
Unlike all the times before she embraced the feeling and didnt try to shove it down.
At first nothing happened other then the pain becoming constant. Then so suddenly that Castiel gasped she was standing within a shield that looked like her own universe swirling around her. She could see through it but the stars were bright in her vision.
Her heart was racing and her breathing was slightly harsh. She thought it might pass out.
"Well then Miss Castiel. Hero it is."
Well that was good. She thought to herself before everything went black.

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