Atshi reached out her her, offering a handshake. Alvin waited for a moment, then reluctantly took her hand and shook. She smiled devishly. “Welcome, to Thorn.”

She eyed the boy on the ground. “So... um... what’s his problem?” She asked.

Just then she was interrupted by her phone ringing. It was Europa. Atshi sighed. “What do you mean, my sister is there!? Why did you let her in?”


Lyrricia sat on the couch. It was boring. She went through all the trouble of finding where Atshi lived to surprise her for birthday, and then Atshi didn’t even show up!

What a nerve that jerk has! she thought as she sat there angrily.

She had already introduced herself to Viola and Europa, who were in the bedroom doing who knows what while Harry Potter III played on the the tv.

She strolled over to the fridge, and took out a bunch of grapes. She sat there for a bit, playing Minecraft on Viola’s laptop while she waited.


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