Heating with cold

Alvin was unsure of whether joining Thorn was in their best interset, but he decided to shake Atari’s hand. “I look forward to working with you.”

He motioned for her to back away as she talked on the phone and he started by drawing the life out of the vegetation in a ten foot radius with him at the center and prime time five feet away. After everything in the circle was dead except Prime Time he started drawing the cold to him within the circle causing the ground to freeze within a three foot radius and the dead foliage at the edge of the circle started catching fire Prime Time was in a zone that was gradually heating up. Alvin’s eyes glowed blue and he emanated an aura of cold, death, and power.

ooc-(if this does not cure Prime Time we should take him to the apartment like suggested. Also Are we going to progress the Student’s storyline for after school)

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