GYM Again?

Alexsander was the only other student in the room with us.
"Adeline Castiel." The coach called.
"Castiel" I corrected automatically as i moved onto the platform.
She nodded too me ."Show us what you got Castiel" she said firmly but not unkindly.

Show her what i got. Okay. Yeah i can totally do that. She thought.
The only question she had was. What did she have?

"We're waiting miss Castiel." Canton called to her.
Her words broke through Castiels calm and made her heart beat with embarrassment and just like that her skin was crawling.
Unlike all the times before she embraced the feeling and didn't try to shove it down.
At first nothing happened other then the pain becoming constant. Then so suddenly that Castiel gasped she was standing within a shield that looked like her own universe swirling around her. She could see through it but the stars were bright in her vision.
Her heart was racing and her breathing was slightly harsh. She thought it might pass out.
"Well then Miss Castiel. Hero it is."
Well that was good. She thought to herself before everything went black.

Coach Canton jotted down some info on her data pad as the kids were talking. She had to log in the name and powers along with the video capture she had on her datapad for the school records. It made it easier to deal with troublesome students.

Alexsander watched Castiel use her power. It was amazing. Coach Lucy read the paper, the called out, " Alexsander..... Freerider?" He nodded shamefully, " Yeah, I'm a Freerider, I wanted to be a hero, not like the rest of my family." Coach nodded, " Alright Alexsander, show us what you got." He nodded, he popped his neck then he raised his hand and transformed it into a black demonic blade. He showed it to Coach Lucy. "We have a hero." He jumped up in excitement, " Yes! I'm a hero, yeah. I'm not a villain I'm A HERO!"He danced around for a bit.

Coach smirks as the boy was excited to be a hero. She saw that a lot, especially from kids with a parent who was a villain in the past. It was hard to find your identity growing up.

Castiel woke up on bench trying to figure out how she got there. The student president had told her to come back after lunch once she had shown her powers but she could hear other people walking into the room. So she guessed that she was unconscious through lunch.
She could hear the whispered bu she tuned them out. When she opened her eyes it was just in time to see an owl flying around the room.
Sitting up she tracked it until it came to the ground and became a girl.
Well that was pretty freaking cool.

Coach was at a desk doing some data entry as she noticed the Student president assisting Castiel.

Coach: Hey Pres take her to the nurse if she over did it. Also make sure she eats before coming back for her schedule.

President: Yes ma'am.

President: Well what do you prefer Castiel? Lunch or the Nurse?

Crystal quickly found the gym. She turned into an owl and flow around the room thinking about all that had happened today. There was little that made her feel better the flying. It was quite and freeing. She landed when it got closed to time for there schedules to be handed out. Returning to her human form she looked around for Lexie.

Lexie: Looks like that girl who passed out is still here. I wonder if she went overboard to get into the Hero class? I hear some students have panic attacks when they become Sidekicks. (giggle)


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