After school fever

Alvin has exhausted a lot of energy to produce the effect that he had and his cold aura was diminished enough for him to simply be cold to the touch and not deathly cold. He picked up Prime Time’s boy form and carried him as he followed Atari to her apartment. At the apartment he consulted with Atari about non magical ways to cure Prime Time as Alvin didn’t want to make Prime Time more cold by using magic. He helped make something called chicken noodle soup and found that he also liked the taste of the soup.


The boys finished their last class a little early so Sam and Hakham decided to hang out on the roof of the school near the main entrance to watch for their other friends when they got out of school. Sam and Hakham has found that keeping their wings as a permanent addition to their bodies meant that they also needed to clean them regularly and so they took time preening each other’s wings. It had become a daily bonding habit between the two and it was like getting a back massage. Yakol had originally scolded them for not simply shape shifting their wings into optimization, but because they enjoyed the process they ignored her.

Yakol decided to hang out in the shade below the other two and used earbuds to listen to “Sabaton” a heavy metal band that she had recently discovered she liked. She hung upside down like a bat with her legs keeping her attached to the underside of the roofs outcropping over the entrance.

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