Atshi grabbed some soup off the counter. The six of them had been sharing multiple cans of soup since they brought Alvin and Niles back to her apartment. Europa wasn't too happy about three strangers being in her apartment, but Viola convinced her that if Atshi considered them friends they couldn't be that bad. They were trying to get Niles back in health, as he had worn himself pretty thin in their escape.

Meanwhile, Lyrricia and Atshi were talking in Atshi's bedroom, discussing the future of Thorn.
"Atshi, you and I both know that in order for us to succeed, we need to take down Hero High. But first, I say we start small, maybe taking over a government base or two, so we can recruit more villains."

Atshi thought about it for a while, and they finally decided on Pillar Point Air Force Reserve.

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