After seeing Alvin glance over at her for the third maybe forth time. "You can just ask." she said, "I'd rather just get it over with then have you watching me eat."

Alvin smiled, “I am sorry. You give off an intriguing aura of cold power and if I am not mistaken I would love to know more about you and your powers as I share that skill.” To demonstrate his ice magic he raised a hand and used the water vapor in the air to make a snowball that he gently tossed at Europa for her to catch. “Miss. Viola, you also seem to have an aura of death about you, I would love to learn about your powers and if they are something that can be learned.”


Gray and Sky were the next to arrive. Going over to the group of arguing fire heads. "Whoa what's all the yelling about?" he asked. "Need me to settle this? No one has good taste in music someone is always going to hate what you like so just enjoy it and don't care what anyone says." he said. "But before we do this hanging out stuff I really need to drop these packs at home I don't want to worry about them all day. Especially trying to enjoy some free time."

The clones stopped arguing when Sky and Grayson arrived. Yakol dropped down with a glide and landed in sky’s arms giving her a hug. “I am sure your taste in music is a good one.” Sam waved at them from the roof as Hakham preened his feathers, “Glad to see you guys are free at last.” Hakham spoke as he rubbed Sam’s wings, “If you need to drop stuff off at home would you like me to give you a lift? having someone fly you there would save a lot of time and I can probably get us to your house before the bus even takes off if we leave now.”

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