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Europa thought about the question for a moment. "Mines a bit more complex then that." she said. "I don't really have full control over my powers. They don't run wild but situations of extreme stress cause them to have a lets say hiccup. Like when I first discovered my powers." she started looking at Viola to see if she was okay with her telling the story, "I'll give the short PG as I can version. When I was younger 14 maybe 15 my best friend, not anymore. Dragged me to a party we had no business being at. A boy in high school drug me to a room alone and tried to force himself on me. When I panicked I froze him solid along with one arm and one of my legs. They weren't solid like him but the muscles were damaged. That's why I have the replaced arm and leg but I went to counseling for a while and spent some time in juvie but when I was let out I was to be turn over to that school for rehabilitation but I ran away. I begged Viola to go with me and she did. The rest is history. I don't really know how my powers work or why I have them."

After finishing her story she went to check on Alvin, chilling the towel on his forehead to keep the fever down the best she could.


Gray shrugged. "Trying to figure out a game plan. I need to take my packs home first and then we can head off for games and food. Figured you'd all want to drop your packs too." he suggested.

Sky chimed in, "Yeah, I'd like to change into something more casual too." she added. "If you don't mind a short stop."

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