Alvin was happy about Viola’s powers and greatful she had used them to help Niles. He gave Europa a sad understanding look as she told her story, “It took me many years to master my gift, I have not ever hurt myself, but others have died even when it was not my intention. My siblings suffered most and only some of them deserved it.” He followed Europa to check on Niles, not wanting to tough him in case it made him worse.


Sam smiled down at zack and Sharona, “At least we are arguing about music, I still remember when Yakol was trying to kill us over our differences.”

Yakol gave him a dirty look, she didn’t want to go home, but after some convincing decided to go with the boys to drop off their bags.

Hakham stood up and stretched as he shook his wings. “Alright guys, meet you at Mr. Burger after dropping off our bags.”

Sam stood up after him stretching in a similar manner, “Ah, nothing better than a good preening.”

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