Atshi sat on the couch, moving her pillow out of the way. She cleared her throat, asking the room for their attention.

"As we all know, we can't use this apartment as our base. It's very impractical," she paused. "and, Europa would never let me... BUT! Lyrricia and I have decided to go on an atack on Pillar Point AFS, and we were kind of wondering if you guys would be interested in helping..." she was cut off by Lyrricia.

"As Atshi was saying, we're going in stealth through old presidential tunnels. The base is built upon assisting Vandenberg launch and test its missiles. So, we take over Pillar Point, set up a small base there in the underground portion of the base."

She laughed.

"That, after we hack into the current launch taking place..." she looked at her watch." an hour from now. Vandenberg is testing a missile, which we have programmed to fly its normal path, the abruptly turn around and crash back into the silo it was launched from."

She turned back towards her companions. Niles was still on the other couch.
"Atshi, for the love of hell, fix his ass." she grunted.

Atshi nodded, making her book of black magic appear seemingly out of nowhere.
She read a few enchantments, and touched her finger to Niles' chest. Atshi spoke once more. "You should feel better now. Sorry for not doing this earlier, I just didn't want to."

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