A new student

The bus flys up and over the city towards hero high. Xander who is having his first day at the there.

The bus is buzzing with the sounds of kids ready for school ib the middle sonewhere is new students Xander Henson. He rides the flying bus till it finally comes to a stop a hour after Xander got on.

The kids file of and one kid shoves Xander in the back. "Hey watch it," Xander says. "What are you gonna do about shrimp," the bigger kids says. "Thats what i thought see ya around new meat" the older kid says as he walks off.

Xander goes to the office to collect his schedule. Then heads to his first class. After wandering around what seems like forever he founds his first class. "Here goes nothing," Xander says as he opens the door.......

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