Shia sat awake. Not as if she could fall asleep. She stared out the window, the lights of the city shining through the midnight rain. The horns of the port, blaring in the deep of night. She had recently moved into her new apartment, down near the bay. It was the perfect spot for her to recon for her newest mission, and it was the only complex on the block that allows pets.

Her neighbors were snoring. Blissfully unaware of the danger lurking below. The port was receiving a dangerous shipment of relics. She slipped out of her sweater, pulling up the fabric of her suit. She slipped on her mask, the only requirement for her crimes. She pushed her way out the window, shutting it behind her.


The rain fell on her back, calming her thoughts as she hopped from rooftop to rooftop, leaving ripples in the water. She stopped on the watchtower, observing the contraband below. It seemed unguarded. She knew that was not the case. The guards would involve magic, she knew this for sure. Nothing was certain about The Mist Corp. They worked in secrecy, giving no indication of where they would be next, only a trail behind them. Shia had been tracking these guys for years, and it was now or never. They had been off the grid for months, so it had to be big.

She took her binoculars out of her bag. Scanning the area below. She spotted her prize. The top floor of the ship had four times the guards as anywhere else. It had to be on the fourth floor. She slithered down the drainpipe of the building she was on, then jumped to the railing of the ship. Holding on to the edge, she grabbed the foot of the guard above her, putting him to sleep. Hauling herself onto the main deck, she slinkered into the door nearby. She was going to go up through the boat, so as to alert less guards.

So far so good,she thought.

Then the alarm started blaring.

OOC - If anyone wants to get in on this storyline, (calling it the Midnight Storyline) then feel free to include yourselves.

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