Training the mind

In the class they are discussing control Xander walks in and hands a note given to him in the administration office

"Attention class we have a new student. This is Xander Henson. would you like to tell the class something about yourself."

"Well you already know my name" I say. People have taken to call me Hivemind." "My power is a psychic control of certain insects." I tell the class.

"Very good," the teacher says "We are learning how to control our powers, perhaps a demonstration of what you can do so i can see where you are."

"Ok" I say

I begin to focus my mind i am looking for insects close by. In my mind I find a large hive of wasps not to far away. "Come to me my pets," i say in my mind. Less than a minute later there are wasps. Outside the classroom window.

"Say hello to the people," I tell them. And they begin to cling to the window forming the words hi there.

The class is shocked as after the words have formed and say for but a moment the wasps disperse and i slink down and pull a handkerchief from my pocket and wipe a spot of blood from my nose.

The teacher says tells me that i did a good job and instructs me to take the empty chair i sit down and wipe my nose again

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