Midnight II

When Mickey disappeared from whence he came, Crystal turned toward her apartment building. She sat on the steps out front of the rundown building, placed her face in her hands and allowed the tears to flow. She was sixteen and on her own. She had no one to care for or to care for her. Loneliness was beginning to break her.

She sat there for about twenty minutes, seeming hopeless. Crystal realized how pathetic she must appear to others as they walked by her. Slowly she got up and began to walk toward the docks. Perhaps a walk would help Crystal get her mind straight.

Meanwhile, Shia LaBraulle took her binoculars out of her bag. Scanning the area below. She spotted her prize. The top floor of the ship had four times the guards as anywhere else. It had to be on the fourth floor. She slithered down the drainpipe of the building she was on, then jumped to the railing of the ship. Holding on to the edge, she grabbed the foot of the guard above her, putting him to sleep. Hauling herself onto the main deck, she slinkered into the door nearby. She was going to go up through the boat, so as to alert less guards.

So far so good,she thought.

Then the alarm started blaring.

The alarms coming from the ship startled Crystal Stahl. She wondered what the alarm was for, hoping the men on board would come to harm. She was beginning to believe that all men were sleazy and only wanted one thing from her. She had met some of the men from this ship. Perhaps she could add some mischief to whatever was taking place on board.

Finding running up the gangplank, she was greeted with a security guard, holding an automatic rifle. This seemed strange to Crystal.

She held out her hand to the guard in an fake attempt to introduce herself. Even on heightened alert from the alarm, the guard looked at her and remembered a night he had shared with her. This young whore couldn’t be the problem. He took her hand and that was all it took for Crystal to connect with the neurons of his brain.

Suddenly, in his mind, Crystal belonged aboard. He handed her the laptop from his station, upon which he received orders concerning his post.

With her hand on the keyboard, Crystal used the WiFi abilities of the computer to link with the ships systems. Soon the alarms went silent. Then the engines started up and turned back off. The anchors came up, then went back down. Crystal was thoroughly enjoying herself. She could only imagine the confusion of the crew when she set off the sprinkler system.

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