Midnight V

She hopped down into the cargo bay, where her prize awaited. She took a crowbar nearby, but then she heard footsteps around the corner. She readied herself to put the guard to sleep, then reached around and used her power.

Crystal turned in time to see a guard drop to the deck, his gun falling from his reach. This perplexed her, for she hadn’t used her abilities. Crystal was nowhere near the man to make a connection.

Crystal decided to investigate, walking out and around the corner, giving herself plenty of time to react. What she saw, startled her. There before her was an Oriental girl, a few years older. Her appearance showed confidence and and she had an air of sexiness about her.

“Hello?” Crystal offered. “I thought I was the only one having fun here. Thank you for having my back.”

It was ironic for Crystal. She had searched so long for the men in her life to have her back. And here, when she actually needed someone for support, it was a girl she didn’t know.

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