Change of Heart

"The MiRaCLe.." she whispered to herself. There were four inside. She turned back towards the girl who was with her. "Take one if you please, but I'm destroying the other two. " She said, entering the suit.

Crystal was surprised the girl opposite her didn’t shake her hand. Of course, she had no way of knowing whether or not she could trust Crystal. But this girl seemed to have a plan she was following. She wasn’t here just to have fun; she was scheming. Maybe Crystal could learn from someone like her.

“Miracle?” Crystal asked.

It was then she had made a life altering decision. All her life, men had oppressed and enslaved her, making her follow their wishes. She was able to manipulate through those experiences, but it left her nowhere in life, with nowhere to go. Right at that moment, Crystal decided that men must pay. She was no longer going to be at their whim or the subject of their fantasy. She would control men to bring them down.

Crystal pick one of the MiRaCLes up. She followed what the girl before her had done. “What’s it do?” she asked. “Why is it called Miracle?”

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