"Mist Co., all this work for it to be stolen by two little girls?" she whispered. Pointing her fists, a plasma cutter emerged from near the wrist. She slashed it like a whip, cutting the suits in front of her into pieces.

“Oh!” Crystal exclaimed. “So that’s what they do!”

Suddenly, Crystal no longer felt helpless. The suit added to her abilities. She smiled. No longer would she have to serve any man. Their lustful minds and urge for power had met their match.

She was young and the other girl appeared older. She also seemed to know what she was doing, whereas Crystal was just haphazardly using her abilities with no real purpose in mind, except to play with the mind of men who had used her and her abilities in the past for their pleasure. Crystal could learn from this girl; she wanted to learn from her. She was poised, where Crystal was not. Finally, there was a female that was worthy enough to follow and from whom Crystal could learn much.

Looking at the other girl, Crystal inquired, “Will you teach me?”

OOC: Yes. Crystal sees following her will liberated Crystal from male oppression.

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