"You can follow me." she raised the whip. "Get in the way, " she slashed the hull of the ship, busting it. "and you'll be gone in an instant."

Crystal felt liberated. No more would the men in her life oppress her. No more would she be a slave to their whims. She was moving on to bigger and better things.

Stumbling across this oriental girl was the beginning. Putting on the suit was second. She watched how the other girl put hers on and copied her. The suit made her feel more powerful. She aimed a fist at the deck to test it. The plasma beam shot forth in a blast the put a huge hole in the deck.

“I’m liking this already,” Crystal observed out loud. “Where to now?” She thought a moment, not remembering if she’d introduced herself. She was caught in the excitement of the moment. “The name’s Crystal, by the way.”

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