Lead On

"And as for names," she started "my name is Shia. Pleasure to meet you Crystal."

She hopped over the railing, using the claws of the suit to glide down the hull.

Crystal hopped over, following the example of Shia. She found her actions to be effortless, thanks to the suit. Things that would have taken great energy, or be impossible for that matter, took less energy than getting out of bed in the morning.

One thing that concerned Crystal was that her abilities involved touch. Her nerve endings needed to touch a person’s skin or a wire, or a computer with WiFi capabilities to have any use. She wondered how she would be able to use them.

Of course, the suit had its own power. This was good. Perhaps Crystal wouldn’t need to use her abilities.

“Well Shia,” Crystal pleasantly replied, “lead on. I’m looking forward to learning from one who seems to be a pro!”

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