Basic Training

Shia slid onto the ground at the bottom of the hull. The ship had started to fill with water, from the holes she had made in the hull. Crystal landed behind her, rolling clumsily onto the dirt. Shia knew she would need a lot of training, and it was time to show her basic combat.

“Sorry about that,” Crystal said. “Still trying to get my bearings in this suit. I’m used to touching things to affect them.”

Maybe if I could find the brains of this suit. Crystal reached out through her touch ability, finding the nuero-network by connecting to a wire in the suit.

She saw a policeman that attempted to arrest her one time. He was sitting in his car, sipping coffee and eating a donut. Crystal gave the thought command for the suit to fire as she aimed her left arm. The police car and everything inside it was obliterated.

“That’s better,” Crystal said with a laugh.

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