The Turn

Shia turned to Crystal.

"I think it's time for us to leave."

Crystal looked at the destruction they had caused. A grin came to her face. At that moment, meeting this girl Shia, all of it worked together to give Crystal a sense of power. She realized that she was liking it.

Crystal now knew that with Shia’s help, together they could wreck havoc upon all the men who had used her. First, Crystal would get her pompous pimp, the one who used her and others to make himself money. Perhaps she’d even seek out her own father, who had thrown her out onto the streets.

First, she’d have to learn. Darkness was beginning to take Crystal. However, she had a lot to learn. She would rely upon Shia to teach the mayhem side of things. Crystal had tried to be sweet and innocent, but it hadn’t worked for her. Now, she’d try the villain side of things.

Crystal looked

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