Shia pressed the center button on her suit, causing it to hide under her clothes. She grabbed Crystals arm. "It's time to go, we are needed elsewhere." She said, pulling Crystal to a nearby motorcycle.

<i>Needed elsewhere?</i> It was the first she could remember anyone thinking that Crystal was needed. Everyone else seemed to think that it was Crystal that needed them. Here was someone that was saying that it was Crystal that was needed. Another sense of empowerment hit her.

Crystal observed Shia push the button and watched the suit disappear. As Shia grabbed her arm, Crystal did the same. She allowed her new mentor to guide her to a nearby motorcycle.

“Riding in style!” Crystal mentioned to Shia. She climbed onto the motorcycle behind Shia, wrapping her arms about her waist. As the engine roared to life, Crystal’s excitement grew.

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